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Greetings all and welcome. This is the official site for the International Ragnarok Online guild, Gentle Rain of Serenity. The Guild is the Official guild of We play on the Internation Ragnarok Online server "Chaos"

2-16-15 Well the guild is still dead but I'm playing in the European RO server now.

1-2-14 Decided I might as well update this site. Sadly the guild is dead and I rare play on Raganrok Online anymore. In the end no new player were intrested in the joining so I'll let it rest in peace for now. May you all find peace and enjoyment in your lives.

3-6-09 The guild has been dead for a while but finally reviving it. All the pages are very out of date, I'll update them as I can but doing a Major update for the whole Genter Rain Of Serenity site.

Also if you read this and play on the Chaos server for iRO send "Miah" an mail if your looking to join.

Rember this guild is mainly for people to chat, and some times lvl with. It never was supper active and I'm not looking to do WOE. For me just sitting in-game chatting or leveling once in while is enough for me. Most of my time is actual spend vending.

I also play on Valkrye as Miah as well. But no guild there yet.

If you don't play, the Valkrye server is a free-to-play server so join in on the fun. Valkrye is very much like the beta was like so you get a chance to try and play game for free.

10-5-05. Nothing new happening. The guild is kind of dead at the moment.
I am back in the game so I'll probably try to revive it soon.

11-4-03. Forums are online. Please register.